It’s official is accepting Bitcoin – Cash Litecoin Ethereum as payment?

Quick answer is yes. However one must understand how this work first. According to the lighting network moon, the way this work is that, you need to add an extension to your chrome browser call “Moon: Shop on Amazon with Bitcoin and Crypto” once that’s done then you can head over to and start shopping. Notice that on shopping site when you select the item you would like to purchase, noticed the Pay with moon icon, click on that. If you go to amazon shopping cart to pay you will not see the option to pay via Pay with moon, thus you will not be able to pay with Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Bitcoin cash. The key is to select the payment Pay with moon from the item you would like to purchase, it’s like adding that item to cart, in this case Pay with moon cart extension.

At the moment, look like you need a account in order for this to work. Alternatively you can use Lighting Network wallet mentioned on website. In the future you will be able to use your wallet perhaps, but for now only and the three Lighting Network wallet. Some people are afraid to share their coinbase api, but I think it’s safe. If you really worry about the api link to your coinbase account, then maybe just add small amount of bitcoin or other crypto balance on coinbase wallet, the other trick to be safe with api is you can generate multiple wallets in coinbase and only share certain wallet to that api key.

So how does it work? to me, the bottom line is although it uses coinbase api to process payment, but the good news is it does not exchange to fiat, somehow whatever the amount BTC is required it will simply deduct that amount of BTC that’s about it, no fiat is being taken place on your account. So I think this is good, as no fiat was involved, so whatever you purchased was using directly crypto payment, and at the moment Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum, hmm I wonder why not Ripple also.

I’ve added some proof as my experience on purchasing an item from paying via bitcoin wallet as example below.

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Hello, I’m curious on linking coinbase api to make payment, when purchase complete does coinbase convert my btc to usd? or simply payment directly deducted via btc?
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Hello, yes correct the BTC will automatically be deduct from your coinbase account. No need for fiat currency conversion,
Thanks very much, this is awesome!!! bye now
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We’re by is accepting Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum Bitcoin Cash as payment through coinbase wallet