If alternative cryptocurrencies (aka altcoin) follow Bitcoin price so then BTC should be the only coin you invest to?

I was researching Bitcore, a coin that I bought a long time ago when it was $30 now only 50 cent, yes that’s right I bought at $30 a coin and now is only 50 cent. I knew it was a risk and a risk it is that falled from $30 to 50 cent. Anyhow, as I was researching this coin and came across a dialogue below. So if I understood it correctly, in saying Alt coins are following Bitcoin price – in other word all Alt coin depend on Bitcoin price, ig BTC go down alt coin go down, if Bitcoin go up alt coin go up? if so then the only coin we need is Bitcoin BTC right? all we need to invest in Cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin?

To me the answer is yes and no. Yes if you do not want to waste your time playing around day trade and doing a lot of research to trade then yes, just buy Bitcoin and hold then sell it one day where it make you profit. No, if you’re an adventurous person and have a lot of time to research and play around with day trade, you can potentially buy a coin that rise 20% more than Bitcoin rise, for example one day Bitcoin rise 10% and the rest of Alt coin rise with Bitcoin price at about 10% as well, but luckily one coin you hold rise to 20%, but it is high risk because that coin can down as well while all other Alt coin rise with Bitcoin.

Hi. Is there any chance that the price will grow this year with 5x? What is the next big announcement for this coin?
5x means 500% so yes I think it is possible, only time can see what is perfect and what is not.
First of all, we want the price of Bitcoin not to fall. Only price bitcoin rise , other currencies will have a chance to rise. if BTC price fall ,it will cause all the virtual currency to fall.
I agree now is the time when you need to accumulate coins and wait for a strong rise in the price of bitcoin and there are other coins will begin to grow and they will grow stronger than the main currency of the crypto market.
Yes, the market of virtual currency is such a law. All the time, just follow the trend of bitcoin to buy other virtual currency will not be far from the big trend.