Why you should not rely on social media for communication?

A good example and reason why you should not relied on social media for communication, today facebook and instagram went down, only a few of their servers data center are running making it next to impossible to access your facebook or instagram account or viewing feeds.

So what’s the cause of the outage? conspiracy theory said hackers are proving to the world that not even facebook can withstand the attack such as facebook, it happened in the past with microsoft and a few other big companies, from database breach to ddos to their knees. So far just facebook and instagram, youtube.com still up and running which is kind of odd because I’m pretty sure from the same data center but probably running different server side programs applications than facebook and instagram.

The real cause for facebook and instagram down we will never know, it is what facebook say for us to believe with no proof and proof that we can never really know real or fake or understand.

So let say if you have been relying on facebook for your business like business site, fanpage, conference call meeting webcam and so on, chance are you were not able to do so now since morning of March 13th 2019. When trying to access facebook you will probably notice it’s slow and sometime just timed out, making it a pain or next to impossible to access your facebook homepage. Now imagine if you conduct your business on facebook, what today do to you? yeah take a vacation and hope it will go back up tomorrow? or just keep trying until you can access it? – what about your customers clients and viewer, are they encountering the same thing? yes they are and very frustrated.

Maybe you should have plan B just in case your social media website goes down you have another site up, maybe you should get your own domain homepage, at least this will give you more control of your website and contents. You can do conference call on your traditional phone if need to.