Latest news update from eoBot “Eobot – Crypto Winter” Bitcoin is on the rebound and will start increasing in value once again”?

Anyone feeling the same, thinking that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies price will go back up soon? well “soon” is a big word, as in “soon” pigs will have wings and fly away No one can predict cryptocurrencies market price folks, and I mean no one, it’s pure speculation, unless someone billionaire like $100 Billion can manipulate the market, but less than that nahhhh, as we’ve already seen $100 Billion wipe out in one day so someone did just that. One thing I must say is that this been around forever since Bitcoin got created I believe, and they seems to be better than others ponzi mining online business, at one time they even have their Bitcoin address wallet posted and dare hacker to hack it and take it, no hacker was ever able to do so, so far.

On Wednesday, March 13, 2019, 3:10:09 AM EDT, Eobot [email protected] wrote:
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The Crypto Winter appears to be thawing. After the longest bear market in Bitcoin history, we believe Bitcoin is on the rebound and will start increasing in value once again. In addition, as you may have seen in the news QuadrigaCX appears to be the next MtGox, losing over $190 million worth of fiat and cryptocurrency for it’s clients. Remember you can always audit Eobot’s holdings here in real-time.
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Here is our latest news:
-We have added Grin
-We are discontinuing our Scrypt/X11 pool options while we are working on an improved pool with more CPU/GPU friendly options
-GNT/Golem will be removed, please withdraw or exchange your coins
Until next time…happy mining,
-The Eobot Team
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