Too much manual manipulation to the price of ARB token for sure owner operator have control

A telegram user posted a message in ARB official chat group with the following below. I think he does speak for the majority of the ARB platform users investors in general, at least 95% or more, the other 5% are the promoters staff operators owner. Many people afraid to speak out, of honesty on how they feel because either they’re afraid of loosing their investments money or making the arb platform completely dead due to no investors coming in and faster exiting scam coming to an end. is ponzi scam just in case anyone still wondering, come on now 0.70% daily interest? then 0.50% then 0.1% actual interest, then now next to impossible to sell ARB to ETH to withdraw, new investors got money locked in ARB platform cannot withdraw, one so call good news after another just a trick. The owner operator of have complete control of the platform, they can play around with the price anytime they want, like earlier this week changing the price from 20 cent to $1 then suddenly back down to 20 cent; change things a bit and call it innovative technology blockchain technology, game changer … Unfortunately isn’t the only ponzi out there, there are many similar one like evoAI and a bunch more same ponzi scheme method concept.

All limits should be removed. No one can day trade with a $1750 sell limit. 3.5k turnover is nothing.
3% bonus should be removed, I can earn more arb selling and buying back the same price than a 20k abot.
Sell cancel amount should be removed, at no point was this a good idea.
ARB start price should be market price you bought at. How can you sustain in the future if 5/6x your investment now.
External restrictions should be removed completely. Why make an arbitraging website if you can’t even arb the token. The prices would eventually match anyway. Abot start price for this should be what ever the price was on the deposit time.
Stop abot should be brought back and should be built on an algorithm that works out current amount of ARB in abot and how much it is to stop. 5% fee should be included still. No restrictions on stopping. I believe a good feature for this is to send all the arbs into a ‘Pro plus’ styled wallet that the system sells for you. You shouldn’t be allowed your arb until its sold. And only a certain limit should be sold daily between this total limit. If it takes weeks to get back then so be it. You should get back exactly in $ worth what you stopped. At any point you should be allowed to cancel your stop and put it back in at the amount you stopped with some fees.
Daily payouts should be again based on an algorithm for amount of ARB in abot not the starting price, this should also be biased towards current market price.
Arbitraging has constantly tried to fight against manipulation by manipulating the exchange, limits, the price itself and so on. A new investor can buy in 5k and will never get it back at this state. If he tried to sell instantly he can only sell $500 worth a day and by next week he’ll of lost most of that 5k value. And you wonder why there’s no one buying. If I was a new investor now I also 100% would not buy.
Manipulaters are not the enemy, they are investors trying to make a profit same as everyone else. The real enemy here is all the limits trying to better the platform but in reality are making the platform worse. An example of this is the block exchange making it impossible to sell. Last night the price went to $1 by again dev team manipulating the price.
With these restrictions I can guarantee you the end of the platform within a few months. All there technically manipulating is the price to go up by making it harder and harder to sell. This will hurt buyers because I most certainly will not buy a crypto I cannot sell.
Restrictions should be removed immediately. 12 hours should be given to any arb holders to deposit into abot at the current 1.3 value. Abot should go offline until they sort the rest out.
I’ve been with arb nearly a year and all these manipulation efforts have simply made the platform worse and unsustainable, I would glady deposit more of my crypto into arb but I think I speak for all investors here, you’ve got no chance of me buying anymore if I can’t get in and out in seconds.