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On Wednesday, March 27, 2019, 4:41:49 PM EDT, NovaChain [email protected] wrote:
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Dear NOVACHAIN Community,
After months of preparation and exhaustive internal testing, we are pleased to announce exciting news. The curtain is finally rising on T-REX, our A.I. trading bot that recently made headlines when it was showcased in front of the entire world. We are set to go live in just a few short days, and we want to give you an inside peek as to what you can initially expect.
For starters, the NOVACHAIN team would like to stress that the T-REX bot launch on March 29th will be primarily geared for users who wish to manually control their own trades. Meaning, in our opinion, this manual version of the product has been uniquely designed with professional traders in mind. For those who are not adept in the trading markets, there is the real risk of losing part or all of your capital. If you decide to move forward, NOVACHAIN cannot be responsible for any such losses that might occur as a result of inexperience or negligence.
Please understand we are not trying to scare anyone, but because we are laser focused on making sure your daily profits are protected, we want to be completely transparent. If you are an inexperienced trader or novice, we urge you to be patient and wait for the automated version. The automated T-REX Pool fund is being finalized and will be available very soon.
That said, users can now log in to their account and find a new tab called T-REX in the menu which will allow them access to pricing structures and various trading level memberships. To celebrate the epic launch, we will offer a onetime promotion on both the pricing and amount of NOVA tokens to be kept as collateral. The collateral amount we will presently kick-off with will be 10% of the trading volume, which will be increased to 25% in the future. (The highest package will initially require 5k NOVA. Fees and collateral are dependent on market conditions and will be regularly adjusted accordingly).
Keep in mind only a limited number of these discounted memberships will be made available to the public. Once these are reserved, the sale will be over, and the regular structures will be in effect. If you want to get onboard, make sure you have the required NOVA tokens to take advantage of the marked-down prices and plan of your choice.
NOVACHAIN’s goal has always been to provide a reliable and secure platform to use crypto currencies as a tool to build passive income streams. We wholeheartedly believe the T-REX protocols will be a cornerstone of this mission and help revolutionize standards of innovation within the crypto community.
Thank you very much,
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