What’s the latest on arbitraging.co arb token platform? BWI Bank of West Indies partnership?

According to telegram official chat group room, people were able to figured out the bank logo tied to BWI which is Bank of West Indies, I don’t know much about this bank, however it appear to be in the USA some where in Florida. Now any bank in the USA would required some strict rules to follow, are they FDIC insured? Anyhow so now the users investors know the bank arb said they’re partnership with, but it’s not official, and we don’t know what partnership mean? is it sending them money and they issue a prepaid credit card like master visa gift card to use? or is it BWI will tied to arbitraging.co arb token directly? We don’t know.

Again according to the telegram official arb and un-official arb group – Now back to the platform of arb tokens, since the beginning of December 2018 to today, still no one was able to withdraw their daily profit fully to ETH wallet, not one person, and if you could withdraw ETH it is up to 90% lower than pre December 2018. For sure there were some price manipulation.

If appears that mid December 2018 the price start to go up just to get new investors and some existing investors to invest more, put into abot at high price and reinvest, again taking it out or selling it is super hard next to impossible in some cases. But, with the price so high and it’s rising, why would anyone sell right? that’s the game plan. So the price tank after that from over $20 back to 20 cent today. Again til today since December 2018, selling arb to ETH withdraw always been a challenge, from 90% fees and price differences between here and there.

Basically the arb token earned stating 0.51% but what you get is about 0.10% or less after all the fees and price different. On top of that if you try to sell immediately, chances are your will keep pushing the price lower and lower each day making it impossible to sell because the price keep going down. To put in a clearer picture, if you have $10K abot, your profit in arb is about 30 arb, with 30 cent per arb price, you get about $9 if you lucky sold and withdraw to ETH. However a couple days ago, the price between bot and arb appears to be moving closer, now you’re e earning double arbs, basically if you have $10k abot, your earning today would be about 60arb but again the price is tanking to 20 cent now, and you would get about $12 ETH withdrawal. Some may say it’s better than what bank offered, but my personal opnion would be you cannot compare bank to cryptos investments.

Anyhow the latest is, there has been a lot of new news on innovation and development, but are these news just like the previous news? such as the block exchange, the one that have red green colors that never work, but to the arb team they say it’s super innovative invention new blockchain and so on and so forth, game changer, with patent pending … but in the end it’s nothing but making life miserable for all users investors and had to be taken offline. So are these new news announced recently just another way to get users interested continue to be interested but the actual going to be just like what arb has been doing, what they think is good, what they think is cool, what they think they can do, is nothing but broken promises and words? will see.

Again,arbitraging.co isn’t the only one operating like a ponzi scheme scam that they can run away disappear over night and nothing, and I mean nothing anyone can do about it. Sure you say he show his home, where he live, his history, his family kids, his friends, so on and so forth, but is it real? how many people seen it and been there? how do you know it’s not actor and actress? making up stories exit scam one by one making up there own stories to exit safely? the same will happen over and over again like goex.pro, novachain.cc …