daily profit is 50% less than before 0.50% now 0.25% or less everything is bad with this platform?

Is everything is bad with this platform since December 10th 2018? short answer: yes it seems like it.

According to the arb token official telegram chat room. As days goes by, weeks gone by, months going by, the ARB token is not getting any better since December 10th 2018. One awesome news announced after another, turned out to be nothing more than making it harder for users investors to withdraw their profit profit to sell to ETH. It is next to impossible then eventually possible but with the loss of 50%. It is getting worst.

Users investors are reporting that their profit daily had been reduced to 50%, plus the fees and other charges to trade exchange to ETH to withdraw. For example before for you is $10, now it’s $5 minus more fees and charges and you would probably get $3 into your ETH wallet. Although the % of daily profit remain the same, to many people thought this is great, but it’s not, daily profit of 0.67% for example is actually 0.33% minus fees and other charges will make your 0.67% to 0.20% daily. To many people they’re still happy and joyful because they compare it to bank which offer 2% annually and if you add the up ARB platform annually it come 70% or vs. 2%.

However what many users don’t realize or doesn’t want to accept the fact that ARB token is a ponzi scam on its last leg of getting more investors otherwise will collapse. We cannot compare these platform with bank. Bank with FDIC insured don’t have risk, arb token have 100% risk, you can loose your money at anytime they shut down your money all gone and nothing you can do. Normally these type of platform don’t last 6 months to a year with smooth transactions and profit. After certain period of time, where the platform either have made enough money for an exit scam, or don’t see its sustainable anymore, or new investors coming in, they will start to have problems or create problems to be use as reason or excuse of failing and trying to fix, and it continue for days weeks months even a year before they totally disappear. As time go by daily weekly monthly no good progress being made, things changes here and there, making users investors loss interest and move away move forward with something else and forget about arb as it died taken off line and nothing anyone can do about it.

Why are so many people still believe in arb token arbitraging platform? Mostly these are the admins, staff, some may be fake some may real. This people pretend to have to faith and support the platform because they have to, why they have to? They have to because their money is stuck in the platform, they would like to make more money from the platform by pretending to support the platform and say they makes money everything and bought houses and go on nice vacations and so on. Some may be true for early investors that goes in into the ICO, some may be just saying anything positive to get other investors especially new investors interested to invest so existing old investors can continue to make money. It is a ponzi scam, there isn’t a bot as it become clearer and clearer each days weeks months and continuing, as arb token staff trying to do anything to proof that it exist with audit and so on. However with the news coming out as good news, technologically innovative news and so on, nothing more than just minor change here and there, making it harder next to impossible for users investors to withdraw their profit daily which had been reduced over 50% plus more fees and charges when exchange to eth for withdrawal.

Be real careful folks, these are ponzi scheme scam, also known as pyramid scams. Go read about it on google search. It’s a modified version, but same concept. Take money from the rich and give it to the poor, rob Peter to pay Paul, take money from new investors to pay existing investors to keep them interested to promote the platform for free and keep the momentum going with news and updates and bonuses and so on to sustain the platform as long they can, but there will always be an end, whether it’s today, tomorrow, next week, next month, or end of the year but as the exit scam start, things will become noticeable that they’re doing an exit scam. Why would you make update changes to the platform if it’s working? yes sure you can blame it on cheaters people taking advantage and so on because the platform things all the investors users are stupid to think above and beyond of what really happening, sadly these platform are right about stupid investors users about 90% of us are unfortunately had fallen or will fall into their ponzi scheme trap will money stuck never able to get it out, or get it out with 50% or more loss.