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Those are the headline news for today on Bitcoin news. It seems Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies been doing quite well lately, for now that is. It could go down anytime and continue to drop. The thing about Bitcoin today is, it is all speculative, meaning there isn’t any news development that will signal it to go up or down, but maybe the ETF or so call listing bitcoin to Nasdaq like stock exchange then it may be predictable. Today Bitcoin and other ALt coins Cryptocurrencies remain to be in the speculate stage, it can go up or down anytime its wants with no news at all, or even with bad news it will go up or good news but it still go down. So this is a very super high risk for investors.

However high risk or not, if Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies is like the early days of coca cola stock where Warren Buffett bought every single shares that he can and never check its price until 10 20 years later where he became a millionaire and billionaire for just holding it. But, coca cola speculative? probably not, Bitcoin is though, so there still a risk, might not be a good idea to do what Warren Buffet did and buy all the Bitcoin today, and maybe 10 20 years later the price will be in $500k per bitcoin, it’s a maybe, not so sure. So was Warren Buffet sure coca cola would make him rich? I don’t think so either, so maybe you will have a chance just buy all the Bitcoin BTC you can today and wait for 10 20 years 🙂 good luck.