Is it possible to live on Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies?

Answer is yes, and just a quick tip, Bitcoin ATM machine is popping up in many locations now a day. Could be closer than driving to work daily. Just google search for Bitcoin ATM.

Some people may have seen show like “a day with Bitcoin coin” or “survive solely using Bitcoin” or “how to live on Bitcoin alone?” and similar show like that. Guess what it is true.

Many people live on Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies by mining it, day trading it, buy it with cash, or involve with super high risk ponzi scheme scam platforms like bitconnect.

In any case, you have Bitcoin on your hand, you can buy stuff online that accept Bitcoin, or buy gift cards from Bitcoin to buy your stuff paying gift cards. For example, you need to buy something from Target, but Target don’t except Bitcoin, but you will find out that some gift card sellers accept Bitcoin, so you buy the Target gift card with Bitcoin and now you can buy stuff from Target.

You can buy real estates and cars with Bitcoin, there are dealership realtors that accept Bitcoin just google search. In case you need cash, you can hop in your car and drive to local nearest Bitcoin ATM machine and get your cash.