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On Sunday, February 17, 2019, 4:31:44 PM EST, Goex.PRO [email protected] wrote:
Today’s signals!
The exchange fund has grown to 2,920 BTC. The number of partners and investors worldwide has grown to 54,997 members. Thank you for your trust.

Today it is profitable to invest BTCpopular, LTC, ETH and XRP
BTC: 3.91% ETH: 3.78% BCH: 2.88% LTC: 3.84% DASH: 2.97% XRP: 3.66% BTG: 1.79% ZEC: 2.96% DOGE: 3.05%
XLM: 2.87%
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Attention. Scammers!
A huge number of scammers who create fake accounts of our administrators appeared in Telegram.
They write first and demand to transfer payment to their addresses.
Attention! Remember, our administrators never write first and never ask to pay cryptocurrency to the address given by them in Telegram.
Before each conversation with any of the administrators, always verify the login:
Our official account:
Steve is: @goexpro
Our chat admins:
Leo is: @Cryptobr1,
Tim is: @ktdcb1301
Tez is: @TezzaM
More details here:
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