Your Bitcoin cryptos are gone with exchange?

According to the official webiste of bitcoin exchange and other cryptos currencies, the site posted an official announcement that they have shut down their exchange and trying to recover the loss in millions. Chances are this likely not going to have a good ending. It is another mtgox situation but at least know what’s going on and trying to recover it.

The chance of these exchanges for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies recovering their loss is very slim, and even though if they can recover their loss due to hacking or mistake still customers will loose trust. Although some may think it could happen to any exchange, the reason why you should not keep your cryptocurrencies on exchange, always store it on your local wallet like ledger nano and so on. However even though if you store it on your ledger nano it could get lost and you you didn’t back up your secret keywords seeds or lost it also, it still also not guaranteed.

There is no guaranteed way of keeping your cryptocurrencies money 100 secured, it is impossible. If you know a way of keeping it 100% secure, please let me know and I will tell you why it’s not 100% secure. However there is always the best way, just have to do some research on how people are keeping their cryptocurrencies secure, or maybe search on how to keep cash secured, give you some ideas, but there isn’t a 100% secure, there is only the best way.