Does only have one support person name “Steve” ?

First of all, the name “Steve” to many if not all users investors to we don’t know if it’s real or fake, just like many other platform like admit of using fake name because that’s their doing business as name, makes sense for many, doesn’t makes sense for other, but if it’s fake then what other things in the platform are fake also?

According to telegram chat room, it appears that the name “Steve” pops up first when it come to support person, there could be others staff also, but appears to be under Steve, so how many Steve are there if? if there are multiple support staff at then why is it only one person support person mentioned? So is Steve running the whole show? other staff members pretend to be Steve also in the platform, to provide support?

Lots of questions on this platform and other similar platform, and chances we will never get an honest accurate answer, or answers that will change as time go by. For sure we’re all human being and we all lied at one time or another. To what extend do we need to lied? for these platforms they will lied to get more investors in to pay for older investors until one day no more new investors.

So how does these platform like make money? they make money definitely at least the fees they charged each transactions to sustain the platform, until one day no new investors or reinvestors or simply know they can exit scam with a tons of money. The signal for exit scam is when they announcement of great things to come “news you will love” “innovative technology and strategies” however in the end it’s nothing news except removing a function here and there in some case make it worst, make it next to impossible to withdraw your profit, or your account get frozen so on and so forth. They will pretend that they’re trying to fix, but what they’re doing is to maintain calm so they can complete exit scams, it could take weeks months even a year before they’re totally disappear. During the exit scam, the platform functionality became slow or daily issues, many glitches and so on, making the users investors loose faith and interest so users and investors slowly move away and do other things or invest in other platform and the exit scam succeed. After exit scam succeed there will be some actors actresses pretend they’re filing for lawsuit and so on to get more people participate in the lawsuit, but in the end people are loosing more people to these lawsuit because the lawsuit owners are also scammers. This is cryptos world, do not invest money you cannot afford to loose, because you will loose in the end with these scam platform pretending to be actual professional investors for your money.