More update from “sell limit modification” while ARB token platform had been down for 5 days and counting

Look like is taking the path with updates and modification to their platform functionality. It is no surprise what these platform are doing to manipulate the users investors in believing the intention of the updates upgrades are good, however many think differently toward ponzi scheme exiting scam.

Just like many previous similar platform in the past, it ran smooth for a while and then the operator owner decide to change things around making excuses and blaming the users investors and so on and so forth, result in the changes of the platform functionality. Blaming the users investors taking advantage of the platform making more money by gaming the platform was exactly what arbitraging was doing and from there on the ARB gone down hill. Was arb platform had it planned knowing exactly what the users investors will do? so that it will be easier for arbitraging arb platform to make excuses of trouble problems issues happening having someone to blame?

Now is doing something similar and eventually will be like many other platform before failed and disappeared. Sadly when these platform disappeared nothing anyone can do about it. The staff people exist on the original website got removed, the people exist in pictures removed or just a picture photoshop blurred out or black and white so that you cannot match the picture image to anyone exist out there in the world. Bottom line you will never know who these people are. Some people may exist on youtube but you will never who they are, youtube videos can be deleted instantly and disappeared forever, story can be fake to make it look like real. Very good actors and actresses with very good stories scripted, in the end they all disappeared and one day you will wonder if it was all scripted from start to finish. One member pretend to hate another member blaming them for certain things like failure incompetence liar traitor and so on and so forth so that they can exit scam without being track down as one of the scammer.

Be careful out there folks, Bitcoin will not end badly, but these platform claiming to be innovative of cryptos investments like ARB evoai and so on will end badly with people loosing hundreds of thousands dollars and nothing you or them can do about it. You’re willing to take this risk, it’s no different than risking your money at gambling table.

On Tuesday, February 12, 2019, 10:10:23 AM EST, NovaChain [email protected] wrote:
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Dear NOVACHAIN Community,
One of the requirements of leadership is an ability to eat humble pie and admit when an improper decision was made.
Recently, we implemented a new sell limit modification we thought the community would benefit from. Our goals and intentions were good. Our rationale was solid. However, you the community saw it in a different light. Over the last couple of days, many of you expressed why the modifications were not up to par.
At NOVACHAIN, we truly believe you do not exist for our welfare, but that we exist for yours. We want you to know we have been quietly reading, monitoring and thinking about your views.
To sum it up, you spoke and we listened. We are pleased to announce that effective immediately we will return to the prior sell limits of 100/400 NOVA per day and get rid of the new modified structure. These sell limits in no way affect the selling of the daily REX profits, which have no limitations.
We are genuinely sorry for any angst or inconvenience this has caused you. We are thankful for your involvement and for your concern with the direction of this company. Truly, we are very fortunate to have such an amazing group of individuals beside us on this journey.
Thank you,
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