Latest update from Update 2019-02-10 taking more advantage over totally shut down for 5 days or is it?

While is totally shut down for any profit being given out users investors and scheduled for 5 days, but if you have invested with you know their 5 days is probably 10 days or more, maybe a month, we don’t really know according to some of the chat message in ARB telegram official and unofficial telegram groups. on the other hand, keep coming out with new ideas to compete and executed their ideas and advance over the failure of such as news below. However don’t be so happy because you’re not investing in and thinking is better, it’s not, it will be the same as many other similar platform, here today gone tomorrow and nothing anyone can do about it. Just like making a $50 bet on a gambling table and you loss $50 what can you do? nothing, other than just making another bet or bet on a different table or different game, sometime you loose, sometime you win, nothing you can do if you loose and it’s the same thing with evoai and so on, they can disappear one day anytime, and nothing you can do, you think you’re in a good investment platform, think again, and maybe search for the word “ponzi scheme” and learn more about it.

On Sunday, February 10, 2019, 12:37:36 PM EST, NovaChain [email protected] wrote:
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Dear NOVACHAIN Community,
NOVACHAINs vision embraces the ability to progressively adapt to the crypto market. This allows us to provide optimal results for our community. While some of our services are performing quite well, we must be honestly realistic about the ones that aren’t. One of the arenas that has not achieved the level of success we had hoped for is the NOVALITTO lottery.
After much debate, we have decided to discontinue this program. Going forward, all airdrops (the 100 free NOVA in each account) will be canceled. While some of you may be disappointed, please understand this will allow us to refocus more time and energy into the trading bot arena which will help the community create better streams of passive incomes.
In NOVALITTOs place, we are putting together a new campaign that will benefit current and new users alike. All we can say about it right now is that we are very excited at the possibilities it presents. More details soon to come…
As an important side-note, we are modifying our system in conjunction with the REX, 2.0 upgrades. To help simplify the selling process, we are going to customize the sell limit values and transition them to a USD valuation. Currently, the sell limits are 100 NOVA for the Basic membership program and 400 NOVA for Premium. This will be modified to $50 for Basic and $200 for Premium.
Essentially, once we are listed on an external exchange, all sell limits will be automatically adjusted. Until that time, the goal is to help create a stable platform that will last long into the future.
Thank you,
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