wish.com is not a scam but rather the biggest successful scam on the internet hitting facebook ads and other social media

If you purchased stuff online, chances are you have a facebook account or other social media account as well. And, chances are on those social media like facebook you will probably see an ads for a item that is amazingly cheap and it take you to a website wish.com and you found the site very professional and items listed are very cheap and even offer you free gift for your first purchase.

Haven’t you learned? “what you get is what you paid for?” that’s right, they’re not a scam, but rather a big successful scam to many people. Their items are super low quality and the shipping takes weeks to months and sometime never shipped. If you received the item, it will either be damaged or super low quality in some cases you will get a toy version of the item listed.

There has been a lot of people file complaints against wish.com on better business bureau and other reviews website, most if not all of the review showing 2 stars out of 5 despite the fact that wish.com get people to review with 5 stars, in other words fake reviews to balance out the truth negative reviews about wish.com

So you’re getting the fake items or low quality items or broken items or wrong items, what can you do? chances are the price you paid so low like $1 or $2 you just simply don’t want to waste time calling your bank to file complaint for a refund after contacting wish.com for a refund or return. Even if you qualify for return, chances are the shipping cost to send it back you may have to pay is way higher than the refund amount. Basically, and bottom line, most customers would not waste anytime to work with wish.com for refund and return because the process is painful wasting a lot of time.

“You get what you pay for” don’t be cheap especially online, know what you’re getting, when in doubt, do some research, google is your best friend online to do research. wish.com isn’t the only successful scam shopping website, there are many other similar one just that wish.com has been around for a long time and with a very good domain name. While some scam website listed cheap similar items as wish.com don’t even last a month, after everyone purchased the item thinking they will get it within a month or less but found out the website got taken down and disappeared with your money, and you would have to work with your bank wasting so much time to get your money back, guess how many people don’t do that and what happened to their money? what happen if you paid via virtual currencies like bitcoin how will you get your money back?

To be fair, I just want to say that wish.com is not a brand company website like walmart amazon and so on, it’s much like alibaba ebay with drop ship, they partner or crawl vendors supplier with the cheapest price in volume and have it drop ship to you. So to say wish.com is a scam is not totally right, just to be fair. wish.com is just a website make money by drop ship the item they found cheap to you in a very long shipping process and they don’t even know what the item look like or quality is, you could get nothing, you could get something, but chances are 100% of the time the item is not genuine, in other word if you get the item chances are it’s fake or super low quality or as described, buy a pencil, you will get a pencil, in this case a pencil normally 6 inches tall or so, instead you get 1 inch pencil or just a picture of the pencil printed.