goex.pro are blocking many users investors from accessing their platform for no reason mostly large account balance

*** updated 03/13/2019: as of last week, goex.pro disappeared without a trace and nothing anyone can do about it, they’ve gone scam with everyone’s money.

It is time to do some research about goex.pro investing. Unlike arbitraging.co novachain.cc and many other similar platform out there, after a certain period of time of smooth operation, things started change, for whatever reason we may never know.

For goex.pro since February 1st 2019 there has been some report of users investors account been blocked locked from accessing for no reason given to the users investors. Today is February 8th 2019 and more and more accounts are being blocked locked up preventing users investors from accessing doing anything, basically you’re locked out.

goex.pro users seeked for help in telegram chat room only to be turned away to send email support to goex.pro and be patience. Some users investors of goex.pro now been waiting for over 6 days and counting waiting for goex.pro support to respond, but still no respond. Seems like good news is that telegram chat room didn’t delete all the complaint about account being blocked locked, but that may change soon. As more and more users are loosing faith after waiting for so long to get a respond to get their account unlocked, telegram chat admin will take action to delete the delete the complaint or mute or banned the users investors for complaining.

Eventually goex.pro will be like arbitraging.co now, so will novachain.cc and a bunch of others similar platform out there. These platforms will never admit that they’re ponzi scheme or doing exit scam strategy. However eventually users investors will realize that it is, but it’s too late they already packed up and disappeared.

These are platform that offer profit daily that your local bank can only offer annually versus daily. What does that tell you? 3.5% daily profit based on your investments, how long do you think it will last? you will be lucky to get your capital investment back, then after than they will basically play game with you. They will let you withdraw a penny here and a penny there to keep you quiet while they continue to come up with some last effort to get more investors such as big exchange coming, big news, revolutionary innovative technology that will change cryptos world … so on and so forth. This is the same game all previous platform are doing, and people will never learn.

The reason people will never learn is because they think they can beat the ponzi scheme by get in early and get out quick with big profit. Well it does work on some platform but not all, and the wait can be painful because they could say ico today but 6 months later to activate the platform, and sometime the platform never activated or activated with all kind of errors and problem and the owner operators disappeared. There are some platform that golive after ico and run well smooth for a few months to a year then start to exit scam by saying there are problems, blaming this and that to kill time and trick more people to get in and never able to get out, just like the current arbitraging.co, once you’re in the ARB platform, you can never really get your capital investment back, you would always loose if you choose to withdrawal right away if they even let you withdraw, it’s like a one way in, no way out.