what is arbitraging.co doing now? ARB listed on multiple exchange and different pairs “ARB is being listed on LATOKEN”

Lately it’s been very interesting with arbitraging.co ARB platform. The price sank from $20 to today in the pennies digits and remain in the pennies digits despite the fact that they’ve listed their tokens on abcc.com, and they say will be on latoken, while coinexchange still list ARB token. However with the price tanking sinking to pennies, what will happen next? originally mentioned by ARB that they want to become an exchange, but clearly they’re using other exchange now for their ARB tokens. It’s clear now that they can say anything they want, do anything they want, no road map, no clear direction of exactly what’s next and so on.

Since December 10th 2018, the ARB platform have multiple failures one after another, broken promise one after another, announcing of great news mind blowing news of new technology like block exchange method revolutionary ideas and so on but all failures. Users investors has not been able to sell their daily arb profit for since December 10th 2018. Just last week, ARB sank to $1 and now in the pennies which is pretty much same as coinexchange price for ARB, now listed on abcc.com exchange and will be on latoken exchange or so they say. However these additional exchange did not help ARB at all in term of getting the price up anytime soon, this mean that no buyer for the arb token as more people loss interest and afraid to tell their friends and others to invest into ARB they promise something they do not deliver and do not have a road map nor clear plan. It seems like they say one thing and does something else.

Lately, although the block method disappeared and the old exchange are back, people can sell their arb tokens but either at a loss or very super low price. Profit being paid at the price of abot value which is super low price if you sell thinking it’s good to have it sell but sell price is way different than the daily profit price you get. For example if you earned 5ARB, the price of those 5ARB is $1.90, however the price if you want to sell those 5ARB is at $1.00 that’s right $1.00 vs. $1.90, so basically you’re loosing almost 90% if you sell it right away. The alternative is to wait for the price to go up to match with the price you profit at in order to really make a profit. This is clearly happening and what others are thinking about ARB platform now? – well one thing is ARB is not being clear of what they’re doing. Seems like they can do anything they want, and make excuses for why they’re doing it, and usually it tied to them saying to sustain the platform long time.

To sustain the platform for long time, it is ok to lie to investors users or manipulate them? sadly there isn’t much anyone can do if platform disappeared, this and many other similar platform will one day disappear and nothing anyone can do about it. I’ve not seen any similar platform that survive for the 1 year of continuous operation without any issues. The last one I’m in, lasted 1 year smooth everything smooth then after the 1 year seems like they’re struggling to survive, they will come up with new method, new ideas, last few attempts to get as much more investors users in before they disappeared.

On Tuesday, February 5, 2019, 12:39:08 PM EST, David Peterson (ARB) [email protected] wrote:
ARB is being listed on LATOKEN. Deposits are almost ready to go live!
👉 Follow this link to deposit: https://bit.ly/2G7q4Xz
👉 Follow this link to trade: https://bit.ly/2MOdVXT
🚀 LATOKEN is currently ranked #25 on CMC TOP 100 Exchanges!
🚀 LATOKEN is a rapidly growing Top-30 crypto exchange focusing on providing liquidity for
We will put out another announcement once trading is LIVE!
✅ $140+ million daily turnover
✅ 120,000+ registered traders
✅ 250+ crypto pairs available for tradin
Besides crypto trading, LATOKEN users can participate in selected Tokens Sales at pre-sale and crowd sale stages.
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