How to clone a hard drive ssd external usb free super fast sofware

Short answer: use “Macrium Refect” do a google search and it will most likely the first that pops up on your google search result.

The process of cloning your hard drive, external hard drive, ssd, usb and other storage media, is very simple with Macrium Reflect. I used similar programs apps software in the past to clone or backup an image of my operation system (OS) to recover just in case something went wrong, or when you run out of disk space and would like to extend the storage so you can storage more data install more apps and so on. Just download this software and use the free version trial or home version should be enough for you to do a one time clone or something, unless you’re a business you might a paid license in order to do multiple cloning.

I’ve been working with computers since the early 90s. My first computer I ever touch was a black white screen or black and green screen Apple II (2) computer, ever since then I got fascinated with computers and never stop using or thinking about computers since then. Over the years I have computers that gone dead or defective and I tried to bring it back to life, although some are broken beyond repairable but I still kept it for parts, unfortunately moving from places to places forced me to get rid of some of the computers could have been a classic or at least worth something for collectors now.

The most common problem I have now a day is running out of space. Due to the fact that software applications programs are getting bigger and bigger each day also storing the data like videos and music file also getting bigger and bigger each day in term of size because of its high quality. Back in the 90s or the early millennium, music files, photos and videos files are very small compare to today. Music file like mp3 file average about 5meg CD quality, now a day is 100meg for HD quality, the same for photos and Videos with HD quality and 4K and eventually 8K and beyond which will make the file size saving these files get bigger and bigger, result in needing more bigger space storage device. We’ve gone from cassette tape to floppy to hard drive to ssd to online storage and beyond.

So when you’re running our of space, you would need to add another hard drive or ssd storage, but let say you don’t have extra space or additional cable to add another storage media or you would like to extend the primary media storage, how to do this? You can do this by buy a new bigger SSD storage or so, then use cloning software to clone your existing hard drive SSD storage then extend the partition fully. Let say you have a 120gb filled no longer able to function or save more data, so you upgraded to 500gb, after using cloning software to clone it, make sure the partition is extended fully to 500gb.

I’ve use many software in the past for creating image file like ISO or ghost a hard drive or cloning a hard drive image to use on multiple computer. I think now a day the best software to use for cloning in windows is the Macrium Reflect, it’s free version is perfect for personal use. Simply download the software, install it, then clone it to your new drive (ensure you installed the new drive first) then ensure the partition is extend fully in order to take advantage of the whole disk volume size. That’s it, now you can throw away your old drive or maybe install it on a laptop.