latest update, be careful people invest in these similar platform, they can disappear anytime and nothing you can do about it other than whining crying and threaten to hurt

Although might be in better shape than, there are many others new ones popping up one by one, latest is evoai and so on. Be extra careful when investing into these similar platform, although they’re running smooth for months and maybe a year and seems flawless no issue at all for again months and maybe a year. It doesn’t matter which one, evoai … and bunch of other ones. These platform does not last long, it will go smooth to get more investors, and then will begin their exit scam phase by saying this and that problem, this issue and that issue, major upgrade, expanding operation, list on more exchanges and so on, they will make up stories and news to make people continue to be interested, continue to believe until it’s all clear to disappear, meaning they have found hiding place and erased all their track, or some even already started new platform. So be careful, invest only you can afford to loose, because chances are you will loose at least 50% of the time, off course there will be others and maybe you also will win, but it’s a risk of loosing like gambling.

On Tuesday, February 5, 2019, 9:46:50 AM EST, NovaChain [email protected] wrote:
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Dear NOVACHAIN Community,
In 2017, crypto currencies began their astronomical rise reaching a market cap valuation of almost 1 trillion dollars. Since then, their epic decline has been just as notable. As this played out, we had a hunch that was just too strong to ignore: the arbitraging space would eventually become increasingly competitive and weigh itself down with fewer and fewer trading opportunities.
To counteract the inevitable falling profits and shrinking markets, we threw everything we had into fine tuning our personal trading bot, T-REX. Our goal with this beast was to take all the complexity out of trading. Basically, we wanted to make it so easy that a child could do it. If you missed our first of its kind live demo of the bot, you can still see what everyone is saying about it here.
Until T-REX is ready for public launch, we have been relying on our premier product, REX, which has been producing steady profits for years. However, while the bot has faithfully provided returns, we have watched as its ROI has slowly dropped-off, just as we had forecasted it would.
But here’s the good news for our users…
We believe the timing is right to give REX an upgrade of significant proportions. Within a few days we will be upgrading REX to the new and improved version: REX, 2.0.
We are excited at the implications of this upgrade. You see, while we’ve been testing, finalizing and upgrading the public version of T-REX, we’ve had our own private version of T-REX quietly working in the background. In order to stave off falling returns, the NOVACHAIN team has decided to integrate these T-REX profits into a portion of the daily REX returns. In other words, we will be reducing the arbitraging portion of the REX profits to 20%, and supplement the remaining 80% with profits derived from the T-REX trading bot.
With the huge success REX has been through the years, we are thrilled to incorporate the next-gen protocols of the T-REX trading engine into its profit structure. Users should see an immediate jump in daily profits due to this upgrade. The development team is confident REX, 2.0 will prove to be more sustainable for passive income profits regardless of which direction the crypto markets go.
It goes without saying, if you aren’t yet invested in REX, now is the time to do it!
The launch date has been set for this Saturday at 4PM, UTC. We will officially start the countdown timer today on the NOVACHAIN site to celebrate the event. Make sure you don’t miss relevant updates and alerts pertaining to this monumental event on our primary communication source, found here.
Thank you very much,
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