Latest ARB token update shut down for 5 days

Dear ARB Nation,
We want to take this opportunity to announce that after the earned aBOT distribution on 2/7/2019, ie. the last aBOT ID group cycle on this day, the aBOT will go offline for much needed upgrades, patches and full internal audits. We have not taken the aBOT offline for any updates since its release and it is now time to give the backend some very important upgrades. During this offline time, we’ll have the perfect opportunity to perform full internal audits. This process is very important for us to make sure that everything is accurate with each individual account and to ensure platform stability. We will go over all user aBOT’s 1 by 1 and adjust them for any manipulations or over-inflations. If your account is adjusted during this audit, there will be a log in your history tab with all relevant information.
***Please note there will be no payments while the Audit is being performed, since aBOT needs to be taken completely offline during this process to properly install the upgrades.
This process may take approximately 5 days, but after the completion of this audit we will be able to offer you a stop aBOT option.
aBOT gas will also be made live after the annual audit is complete. At least 72 hours before aBOT becomes live again, we will announce and release all the aBOT gas information, provide guides and several “how to videos”.
I kindly ask you all to please be patient while we complete this very important process. We will do everything in our power to ensure everything is back to normal as soon as possible.
Keep in mind, this aBOT upgrade will not effect the function of the Internal Exchange and all other platform features will function as normal.
Thank you for your continued support,
Thomas Brown