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On Monday, January 14, 2019, 2:30:30 PM EST, NovaChain [email protected] wrote:
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Dear NOVACHAIN Community,
When NOVACHAIN initially entered the crypto space, we pledged to provide real opportunities for you to generate daily profits. To keep in line with our original vision, we have proudly announced the first-of-its-kind High Frequency Trading (HFT) bot, appropriately titled T-REX.
Last night, our CEO, Jasson, revealed a first of its kind and detailed demonstration of the advanced T-REX settings and discussed why this bot is like nothing else the crypto markets have ever seen. As he so aptly explained, NOVACHAIN has insightfully chosen to release the automated T-REX as opposed to a manual trading bot. This is because few people are skilled enough to perform all the time consuming and difficult tasks required to execute manual trades.
However, with T-REX, users can automate the program and better maximize profits. Using HFT, T-REX utilizes the same strategies as the behemoth investment bankers (think Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch here). The goal of these institutional pros is, and always has been, to capture smaller profits with a larger volume of trades. Now, with the release of T-REX, our users will have an identical opportunity to accomplish these same goals.
T-Rex will provide 3 unique categories our investors can utilize.
• Signal service: Based on our testnet, this professional grade service engine provides over 1000 signals per day resulting in a 90% profitable trade average. Essentially, this will allow experienced traders who choose to perform their own trades the ability to do so in real time.
• API bot: The automated bot will have access to all the advanced settings that a large exchange like Binance offers.
• T-REX pool: Non experienced investors who prefer a more hands off approach will have access to collectively pooled accounts so they can share in the profits.
Given the fact all T-REX package fees will be paid in NOVA, it will serve to add enduring credibility, utility, and value to the token in the weeks and months ahead.
In addition, there have been some questions regarding the future of REX. REX users will be happy to know the REX protocol will be receiving an upgrade! REX, 2.0 will partially incorporate the logic of T-REX and as well as profits from arbitrage to provide the most robust returns available in the crypto space.
Thank you again for all the support many of you are sending our way. It is becoming more and more apparent to us that as NOVACHAIN moves closer to its vision of becoming one of the largest passive income platforms on the market, the potential possibilities of what we can accomplish together are endless. Why? Simply, because we have such an amazing global community of users continuously propelling us forward.
Thank you again,
PS. If you missed the groundbreaking interview with Jasson last night, you can catch it here!
The implications of this event are monumental! Not only is the NOVACHAIN bot a real bot that can be 100% verified, it has now officially entered the record books as the first crypto bot to be showcased it in front of the entire world!
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