More scam coins to double down on your cryptos coins “YoBit FreeCoins and InvestBox”

Let me first say is currently not a scam but more of a ponzi which does tied to a scam. You invest in certain fake “real coin” that only exist on their platform but mimic the real coins showing up on coinmarketcap and so on. However you will not be able to withdraw most of these coins to your personal local wallet because it only exist in yobit platform. For example in the past I have invested in investbox of MEME coins and I profit more than double of the coins just by luck. However this MEME coin is not the real coin of MEME, it only exist in platform.

The daily profit % is real in investbox, but you would only make profit if the coins value doesn’t drop. If profit say 5% daily and the coin drop 6% daily then you will loose 1% daily not gaining. Some of the coin will keep dropping and eventually disappeared, removed it and start a new ICO coin within their platform. Now these are just investbox. Other than that trading platform of real legitimate coin such as ETH LTC BTC, it’s real.

On Tuesday, January 15, 2019, 6:20:16 AM EST, Yobit News [email protected] wrote:
Yobit: Free Coins and InvestBox
Dear YoBit Users!
Get Free Coins from Yobit:
For users from Russia:
Giveaway every 1-24hrs!
Invest your coins to InvestBox:
LIZA – 10% daily (300% / month)
BTC – 0.1% daily (3% / month)
DOGE – 0.1% daily (3% / month)
ETH – 0.1% daily (3% / month)
WAVES – 0.1% daily (3% / month)
XRP – 0.1% daily (3% / month)
YOZI – 7% daily (210% / month)
Try YoBit InvestBox:
For users from Russia:
Sincerely yours,
Team of
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