how does work now on paying its investors users?

According to latest youtube video questions and answers, and based on the deleted messages on telegram chat people voiced their concerns on how arb platform pay its members now seems disturbing. The way pay its members investors now are based on the new investors money. You will see the block clearly indicated so. So there is not really an arbitraging bot for arb after all? probably not.

Also according to telegram chat group of arb official chat room, a lot of supporters and admins responded to many people whom complaint about how bad arb platform is now, to get out and take their money somewhere else, but how? How can investors or users get their money out of arb platform? once you put money into arb it is next to impossible to get the whole amount back out, you would loose at least 4% in fees and more fees on trading and withdrawal to eth, and furthermore it’s next to impossible to sell all your tokens in the arb platform. Coinexchange arb price going down to pennies soon based on its performance lately.

A question was asked on the latest video about why the payout now is based on new arb buyer now as it seems based on the block showing left sell and right sell; meaning new investors buying arb with eth on the right side of the block, and that money will pay the older investors on the left side of the block (sell arb). It’s very clear now as it is like that now, so where’s arbitraging bot? – that’s a big question, were there ever arbitraging bot? we don’t know but most likely not a bot but the owner operators themselves took your coins and invest it manually themselves and hope for a win; but the answer given from the man name David Peterson CEO of arb he said “it doesn’t have to be that way …” he want to build an ecosystem that can last long time, but to me – isn’t that how ponzi scheme scam work? taking money from the new investors and pay the older investors and when one day no new money flowing in the whole platform will collapsed and go bye bye? it could be that they’re doing this on purpose and let the ecosystem try to sustain itself while the owner collecting all kind of fees in addition to previous investments. It’s the same concept of ponzi scheme scam but with a twist to make people believe in it because it may work and may not. is now similar to investbox that is running, but investbox has a lot more people and investors playing around with it and investbox lasted long time and they’re still doing it, and still people keep going into it and invest with from 0.3% to 10% daily profit. I have made some good profit with investbox which is the same thing what is doing now excet investbox is pretty much automatic, just that not too many people know about investbox from, they will keep running it until one day no new investors and no one able to sell their investments since the price so low and eventually it died and for they took the coins offline and introduced new coins and start again and again forever if they want.

In the case for taking investbox concept, create this new ecosystem and let it try to sustain itselves, it will keep running with buy and sell orders, price will go up and down depend on how many people interested in investing and selling, if no buyer then the other side price go down and sell or buy could be a loss or a gain. It’s the same concept as investbox which has been running for years and its pretty much automatic from investbox, not like current arb platform you would have to monitor and wait to click and it never got through, and charged you arm and leg for fees to get your order automatically triggered which is ridiculous since investbox don’t even charge anything extra like that or as high as Seems like blocks method is something reinvented when investbox already been around for years.

So look like block method appears to be a subset of what investbox been doing for years and they’re still at it, some people win some people loss. You win, someone have to loose, it’s like gambling, the owner just collecting fees and hold your coins, and from the look of it, it could last forever like concept of investbox.

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  1. Telegram chat respond from a user:

    A different perspective
    For most investors coming into Arbitrage they are here for ABOT , ABOT Compounding there initial Principal investment for future returns. With that case , the price of Token is irrelevant.
    Second if you are an Investor HODL your Tokens hoping for a higher value on Tokens , than your desire is for Token price to go up in Value.
    So these are the only 2 Reasons you invest in Arbitrage. Any other reason for wanting Token Value to go down :
    1- you want to trade on this platform ( which it’s not built for that intended purpose )
    2- you are just wanting to buy more Tokens at less of a value to hold for future return ( if this is the case, I haven’t met too many investors who want 80% of there Holdings to lose value to make a chance at more)
    So with that being said, we have 60 days to wash out all these ABOT Stop Tokens which have flooded our Exchange.
    “ This too shall pass”
    But it’s going to take effort to Sell , Execute , and accomplish getting Daily’s at the moment.
    So Investors we have 2 choices;
    1- Patience , maybe autoinvest Daily’s, Work a little harder to Sell next 60 Days.
    2- Complain, Whine, want too drive price down for personal Gain , need to get a life. Investing should be 5-10% of your weekly income max. Get a job , and love your life and family.
    Just a diff perspective 😎

  2. recently posted comments concerns in telegram chat group

    It concerns me that there is not more buying pressure from the Arbitraging platform itself. Let me explain:
    • Each person sells ARB to the Platform to buy into aBot
    • The Platform uses bots to trade a myriad of different cryptocurriencies (not ARB).
    • The Platform assigns the gain the bots make as an increase to aBot participants (~.65%/day)
    • Participants receive a combination of a payout in ARB or, with autoreinvest, an increase to their aBot ‘aUSD’.
    • If say 50% of aBot gains are paid out and 50% are reinvested, The Platform will still need to payout around 10% more ARB/month than they collected for each Participant (I’m just making a guess here, I don’t know the actual %s reinvested vs paid out).
    • The Platform should also have a large reserve of USD or USD pegged cryptocurrencies to cover all of the aBot balances.
    • Because the Platform pays out in ARB, it seems they should need to buy that ARB with the gains made arbitraging various other cryptocurrencies. They may have a reserve of ARB, but given they will need to pay out in ARB around 120% or more of what they take in each year from each Participant, that reserve cannot last.
    Why is there not more buying pressure from the Platform? The Platform should be buying ARB in order to cover daily ARB payouts. If ARB is cheaper externally, the Platform should buy it there, which would bring the exchanges closer to equal pricing. Platform buying pressure should counteract Participant selling pressure.
    I have two questions that concern me:
    1. Why are there not more ARB buys from the Platform?
    2. Is there evidence of reserves (in a combination of ARB, USD, and/or TUSD) held by Platform equal to the total amount in aBot?
    I’m not trying to FUD here because I think the model described above should work. I have a ton of $$ dedicated and plan to keep it invested. That said, I’d feel better if I start seeing buying by the Platform.

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