Re-visit investbox of MEME and DOGE coins 5% daily gone with the wind

This is just a revisit of my earlier experience with investing in investbox for MEME. Long story short, I invested $1000 worth of DOGE coin purchased MEME and put into investbox to get 5% MEME profit daily, as days goes by I did get 5% daily however the price of MEME kept on going down down and down to the point I don’t even want to check it, so I thought my $1000 was gone. Unexpectedly one day a month later, I checked and the price went back up to where I purchased it. So I sold it and make a huge profit. Selling it wasn’t easy because not much volume even with only $1000.

In the end I sold all my MEME went through and I did get the 5% daily profit. So $1000 5% profit daily for 30 days total of $1500, total withdrawl $2500, that’s not bad at all, I ended up putting that $2500 DOGE coin to Poloniex trade to ETH and BTC and sold it on gemini transfer to bank cash and never look back at that investbox until today.

And boy! I tell you, since the day I withdraw successfully out of that investbox, each day after that it gone down at least 15% daily for over a month now. Whoever were still in there probably had big loss and the only you could really do is hope and pray that it will go back up. The reason it gone down was not because of cryptos price gone down, but rather people don’t invest in it anymore, or in other word more seller than buyer.

For me I think I was just lucky, doubled by investment within a month or less successful withdraw to cash and never look back. I’ve done many high yield investment program (hyip) in the past, it’s a matter of get in and get out fast, preferably a month of max of 6 months and invest in money like paypal if it’s available because you can get your money back. If you invest in unknown hyip with cryptos, your money is gone and nothing you can do about it. I would say success level from me 90% just lucky I guess, I loss 10% on those programs, it is ponzi scam no doubt, pyramids ponzi scheme you name it, just have to do research and see if the program will survive at least for the remainder of your ROI (return of investments).