Your aBOT is currently blocked by Admin Your aBOT is currently blocked by Admin

If you have an account with and trying to withdraw your daily profit, you would probably encounter some problem. Most likely you will see “Your aBOT is currently blocked by Admin” This message is now popping up for everyone according to the telegram chat room of the official

The issue started last night (12/2/2018) or could be earlier. There was no notification or email indicating that it’s down for maintenance or any scheduled maintenance at all, maybe they think it will be a quick fix. They call it minor issue, but probably doesn’t appear know what minor issue is, minor issue should be fix within the hour or 2. However it’s been half a day and no one was able to withdraw their profit.  Seems to be worst that at least send you an email ahead of time before maintenance, versus did not send any notification for maintenance, the users encountered the problem and started to explore ways to contact and ended up in telelgram chat group and discord chat group and found out there was a message posted saying aBot maintenance in progress. Would be nice to post maintenance schedule ahead of time. Some people in the chat room mentioned what’s next, gone with the wind without any notice either? that’s funny, the person apparently got banned from the chat group, that chat don’t allow any negative comments although it’s true.

Telegram chat group of admin in there will quietly banned you if you know too much or ask too many smart questions, or things that you tried to do with platform and shares with others within the group.