You could make money on investbox if you know how to play or invest

There are possibilities that you can make money with investbox if you know how to invest or play on its platform.

A few times I had tried investbox, I noticed strange activities like possible manual manipulation and insider trading to make the price go up and down. However those are just speculations, we don’t really have hard evidence to proof. Just recently I noticed my investbox of some strange coins price has risen and I decided to cash some to Dogecoin to withdraw and it really work. After a month of being stuck in investbox since the price kept falling and falling each day greater than the % percentage investbox offered up to 5% daily. Finally the price went up close to where I purchased it for. I decided to sell it and convert to dogecoin and withdraw, guess what? it work, withdrawal successfully.

So what I learned from this, if you want to profit are a few things below.

  1. Buy low, invest on known popular coins with high interest profit but probably stay away from those Dice game investbox coin.
  2. Be patient the price will fall, but eventually will rise back up to where you purchased it, sell right away when it’s up. If it keep going up after you buy, go ahead and sell it also and wait for it to go lower and buy again.
  3. Repeat the process with only coins that you know well and have many activities.
  4. Sell in small volume, don’t invest too much because the activities selling and buying very small legitimate coins. There are only a few legitimate coins in that can deposit and withdrawal without issues, which includes Dogecoin, BTC, ETH, and WAVES. Other coins appear in might not be the real coin, for example MEME showing up in yobit, might not be the same MEME coins you see in coinmarketcap. will delete old coins and create new coins frequently to attract new potential investors that don’t know their way of business at
  5. DO NOT INVEST TOO MUCH, because the buy sell volume within the platform is very small just in case you want to get out quick, otherwise you will get stuck and your limit buy/sell order will remain there forever.