2.42 ARB coin earned today from arbitraging.co based on initial 10ETH investment

1 aBot active investment Profit – 27 arb in usd ( 6.5077 ) Credit 2.4218444942044 2018-10-27 16:00:13

2.42 ARB at $6.51 = $15.75 aBot price. Internal exchange price $6.55 at the moment would make 2.42 ARB = $15.85 USD daily if the ARB price is stable, not going down.

Not much going on in the Telegram chat room, but some activities on youtube indicating the World Crypto Con coming closer and the price of ARB could take off soon probably the day before the conference and definitely after the conference. Some may think the buying ARB and just let it sit in the wallet might yield higher earning than leaving it on the aBot or mBot.