Tips to get great deals on items products that come across you via email advertisements facebook etc.

Everyone of us probably received a lot of email in regards to sales and and great deals, but is it really a great deal?

Let take example, I get an email from for a security camera model abc-123 for $10, I say wow! that’s the a great deal bargains, I don’t think I will ever come across this deal at this price bargain, although I don’t need right away, but it’s a great deal. OK HOLD it! is it really the best deal, if I don’t need it, will I be able to get it at this same price in the future like 1 month from today. Well, here’s a quick tip, simply copy the model of that item in this case ABC-123, and paste on google search to see what price are showing at some of the popular retailers online, it will give you an idea whether to buy it right away or not. If you see a price sync. among other retailers or at least a couple then you don’t need to buy the item right away, just wait until you really need it because other retailers are selling same or similar price.

Ebay, Amazon, Google shopping are good site to check for the price of the item you want by simply search for the item model # for exact match. Watch out for similar model copy cat look exact from China made, it look the same, but maybe not be the same. Also keep in mind, most of the time it’s true “you get what you pay for”