Marijuana stock will be the next Bitcoin get in and get out fast

As marijuana is being legalized all over the countries, the latest is Canada. I think that marijuana stock will do well short term as more and more investors and being takes interest in it. Sure there are pros and cons, but I think putting money into marijuana stock isn’t a bad idea, however if you see your goal or profit 50% or so, jump out to be safe.

However if you’re one of those people willing to take high risk, you could get big reward or will be in it for a long ride up and down, and down is more likely as I think marijuana does have side effect that will impact people who are using it, getting high and do stupid things, not really controllable, unless it is controllable.

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  1. Respond from a user:

    I’ve been watching MJ stocks for awhile and the volatile tendency of
    these stocks scares me. That being said, there’s really only 2 MJ stock
    company to invest in (Tilray and Canopy Growth). Both have risen at the
    exact same rate (300% over the past 12 months). Most of the reasoning
    for the rise is due to the hype of legalization in Canada. Since the
    legalization of MJ in Canada a couple days ago, these stocks have been
    going down due to people taking profits. So, you might have missed the
    bus on the initial hype buildup. I would say it was and still is a good
    investment due to the fact that the legalization of MJ in the states is
    inevitable and these companies will be in the forefront of acquisition
    and distribution.

    Tilray ( is
    backed by Peter Thiel who is a billionaire investor in startups like
    Facebook and co-founder of Paypal

    Canopy Growth (
    is backed by Constellation Brands which is a Juggernaut in the Beer,
    Wine, Liquor industry.

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