telegram chat room answer to which one makes more money the abot or the mbot?

As I browsed through the telegram chat room of I came across a feedback to for people who wonder “which one makes more money the abot or the mbot?”

Somebody asked which one makes more money — the abot or the mbot… Here’s my response (maybe it will help some newcomer here, that’s my hope for reposting)…

If there was a single answer to your question, then we wouldn’t need BOTH abot or mbot. In every single case, people would just use the one that makes the most money. Fortunately, BOTH the abot and mbot are good choices — depending upon how much you want to invest and your preferred style of trading. The abot is best for both small and large amounts — and it’s good for people who aren’t interested in learning a slightly more technical approach involving APIs. The mbot is best for medium to large amounts (and not small amounts because there are exchange fees as well as ARB gas fees), and it’s great for those who are more technically minded as well as those who don’t mind slightly more risk for the chance of more reward. Finally, the abot pretty much offers a consistent return, where sloppy mbot trades risk losing money — or earning a whole lot more in a shorter period of time. To sum up, I think it’s all about risk-reward tolerances, amount of money to invest, technical ability (or desire), and preferred trading style.