Does irc mIRC server still exist and active? Yes it is the good old

Back in the old days, like 90s and early year 2000s many of us who are in computers, especially hacker want to be, scripts kiddies or people that just love to learn and explore more about the internet and its capabilities, the potential is endless on the web. Those of us would be in one IRC channel or another in addition to the Yahoo IM, AOL IM, ICQ, and so on. However irc channel back in those days are the famous one to hang out. Because IRC server has a lot of potential, you can do file sharing similar to napster without much worrying about easy catch from FBI law enforcement.

Well, this irc server still exist, and it’s been around since the internet days with dial up BBS 🙂 The fun of writing your own scripts, flooding the room, flirting with girls. The funny thing is we don’t really know who’s behind the computer you’re talking to, could be a pretty girl with ugly name, or a fat girl or fat boy with pretty name pretend to be someone else.

I used to run serveral IRC server also, but it didn’t last long because of maintenance and the time and effort it takes to monitor and sustain hackers attacking so call DDOS is just too much.