releasing their mBot platform in a few hours from now what will the ARB price will be?

Finally it’s official official official, mBot to be released in a few hours according to the message posted on website, hopefully they will go through, not like the previous messages, delaying and delaying with some excuse. Many users expect this mBot will be big and will helpl the ARB price to go up. Well actually as of last night October 19 toward early October 20 morning of 2018, ARB price on external exchange soared up to 80% or so and start to go down as people selling off. The current aBot and Stop aBot price are now equal, so a lot of people took advantage and jumped out of the platform to take profit, and these are probably early investors.

My personal prediction on ARB price is, it will rise for a brief moment after mBot released and people are using it, then ARB price will go down back to $5 or so, then if the mBot perform well and as more people get into using it, and it really work in term of making them profit, then more and more people will jump and the price of ARB will climb back up. However there is a chance that mBot will not perform well and arbitraging is not profitable through mBot then the price will either maintain at $5 or go down a bit more knowing the aBot is not changing.

On Friday, October 19, 2018, 3:45:24 PM EDT, David Peterson (ARB) <[email protected]> wrote:

I am extremely excited to announce that the mbot will be released tomorrow. I know this has been anticipated for many months. Our team and outside beta testers have been testing it for a long period and it is rock solid and ready for you to use tomorrow!!
I will be doing a live stream at 11 am CST explaining the details of it and how it works. And as always answering questions in the live chat.
I can’t tell you how proud I am of our team and personally want to thank all of the beta testers.
Be prepared! In the previous email I went over several items for you and links on how to set up your account.
I will also address other questions in reguards to the upcoming ARB changes.
I VERY MUCH look forward to showing off the mbot and opening it up tomorrow!!! I will also send out an email and the link to the live stream when it begins. Be prepared! See you on the live stream.
David Peterson
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