The worst investment ever on investbox scam some might say

Well after reading few posts and watched few videos on youtube about investbox, all reviews point toward scam or so call tricking you to invest with high yield up to 16% daily, that right there should ring a bell, who would give you 16% interest daily? not even 10%, not even 5%, not even 3%, in fact not even 1%, I might believe in 0.1% but higher than that might want to watch out, if it’s not a scam then there’s a catch.

In this case, I tried out $500 USD worth of Dogecoin and purchased MEME at 0.0444 Dogecoin. MEME said I will get 5% daily interest, that was 3 weeks ago, and today guess what? today 3 weeks later the price of Dogecoin is 0.0125 from 0.0444 three weeks ago, so I have like $100 now from $500 initial investment supposed to get 5% daily, and I did get 5% daily but the MEME coin kept on dropping each day like 20%, so basically I gained 5% daily, but the MEME coin dropped 20% so I loss 15% daily. So be careful there people. is a place for smart gamblers know the game very well and they get in fast and get out fast, if you’re one of those people that get in last you will loose all of it and I mean all of it, eventually that new ICO coin will died, disappear from In this case MEME is fake, not the real MEME you would see on coinmarketcap basically listed all fake coins that are not possible to withdraw because it’s a fake coin taking from ticker or real name from the real coin.