today’s earning 3.28 ARB at $4.79 while cryptos market crashed

aBot active investment Profit – 12 arb in usd ( 4.7518 ) Credit 3.2857071122646 2018-10-12 16:00:15

Well surprisingly today ARB is the only coin that have green up trend, which most if not all other cryptos crashed and burned, especially ETH. Ethereum has been terrible. Maybe people who own Ethereum use it to buy ARB coins to invest in aBot mBot. That why the price crashed pretty bad.

Look like no Christmas present this year for people in the cyptos market. I’m sure everyone was waiting and hoping this Thanksgiving Bitcoin will reach $25000 which is 100% impossible based on today’s price as of October 12th 2018, Bitcoin still remain $6000s and throughout the whole year Bitcoin didn’t even break above $6000s to $7k maybe for a brief moment then slipped back to $6k $5k now $6k again. It is 100% impossible for Bitcoin to go $25000 as many credible source had predicted. My prediction? I don’t know, could be $1000, could be $10,000 realistically for 2018. But, $25000? for all those credible people in the cryptos predicted this? you just loss your credibility, no one will believe you anymore, I’m sure you have good reason for your prediction, but it’s proof that no one, no firm, credible or not, big or small, rich or poor can predict Bitcoin price.