Swagbucks.com now required verification through the mail via postcard telephone don’t work

The most popular stable swagbucks.com appears to be going into the process of verifying most if not all users using their platform to make pennies daily. That’s right most users are making pennies daily but now swagbucks making it even more difficult for users publishers working hard to with withdraw their hard earned cash money. Eventually all users will encounter this issue, just a matter of time. All users will be required to have postcard mailed to them with activation code to activate withdrawal. However many users already reported that they never got the postcard or they have moved to different address. The process of withdrawing money now working for swagbucks is getting difficult.

Some users was able to verify using their phone #, unfortunately this does not work for everyone. Some people on cheap phone because they can’t afford to get actual landline phone # as most swagbucks people are, poor can’t afford expensive stuff. The VOIP related phone # does not work, even Metro-PCS phone don’t with swagbucks verification. Even if you phone # work with swagbucks verification it’s not a one time verification. Next withdrawal from swagbucks they will ask you for the phone # again, but after you entered the same phone # you used last time, it will say your phone# already been in use, cannot use that same # again. Sadly no matter what phone # you use eventually you will end up having to go through the unreliable postcard verification method.

In term of swagbucks support, next to non-existent, so slow or simply don’t respond to you at all from swagbucks support. The bottom line is you work hard on swagbucks to earn pennies per day and when it time to get paid, they’re making really hard for you to get the money.