Today arbitraging earning of ARB is 3.4 based on 10ETH initial investment

Well, what a bloody day in the cryptos exchange market. The same with the stock market. When did Cryptos follow the stock market performance? it seems to be like that lately. Stock market crashed, Cryptos market also crashed, especially today October 11th 2018, super bloody day all red for the top 10 cryptos, all the way down to 99% of the cryptos all red.

Back to the current ARB price internal exchange is $3.80, external exchange ARB appears to be at $2 according to coinmarketcap, it goes up and down really really fast on external exchange.

My earning today showing in the history transactions. “aBot active investment Profit – 11 arb in usd ( 3.7066 ) Credit 3.4433705895978 2018-10-11 16:00:07”