Poloniex.com lending platform profit on Dogecoin

Just want to share that I’ve been lending Dogecoin on Poloniex and it’s been profitable. However Poloniex announced that their lending platform will be terminated by end of 2018. This is to comply with US federal government regulations on cryptos, ICOs, and so on.

A while back I lend BTC on Poloniex and make some good profit, however as time goes by the interest rate on Bitcoin dropped dramatically and I ended withdrawing all my BTC there and jumped over to Bitconnect. Luckily I only invested $100 on bitconnect and the loss wasn’t too bad although I could have use that $100 to buy my family or friends good dinner lunch meal.

As for Dogecoin lately the interest is pretty good. We’ve been getting 0.1% consistently, that’s pretty good, 3% a month. That’s the bank rate for a year. Poloniex can be trusted as I’ve done business with them for years. I know what you’re thinking, you’ve saw bitconnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneccccccccccttttttttttttt on the web lending for 100 times what poloniex have, well guess what? all scam, no bank or exchange can offer such high rate. However lately seems promising arbitraging platform ARB coin appears to be offering pretty good rate, but probably not going to last long.

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