Ethereum (ETH) coins are doing very well lately

Over the past weeks, especially last week, not so good for Bitcoin. Bitcoin had dropped > 25% in price. From close to $500 to $380s. Now it’s holding steady at $380s range. I cannot make a good guess what will happen in term of price for Bitcoin this year, because it could be anywhere to anywhere. Most people think the price of Bitcoin dropped because of the news about one of the core developer related to Bitcoin Blockchain quit! and went to another job.

On the other hand. Ethereum digital coins, also known as ETH had been performing pretty well over the past weeks. The price had gone from below 0.002 BTC to 0.004 today, however it used to be at 0.004 anyways. So those that purchased the coins at 0.002 would have made 50% profit within a week or so, that’s not bad at all. Most people believe the reason ETH goes up is because homestead is coming out, it supposed to be better and most speculate it will raise the price of ETH, but other don’t think so, it will remain the same, if anything then just a small push or short period of time pump.