How to fix any garage door remote control hard to trigger to open and closed

This may fix any garage door remote control, and maybe other remote control also that uses the rubber button or push button.

In my case, I have a Genie garage door and one of the remote control is working fine. The other one doesn’t. I found out the contact rubber that trigger the circuit to send a signal open and close was dirty. So I clean it up with a cotton swap and some rubbing alcohol and voila, back to normal.

Ensure your remote control is not damaged like water, or drop and cracked, or the code frequencies problem. Ensure you have good battery. This fix is simple fix for remote control that have dirty contact rubber inside the circuit board. You will need to open the remote control, just crack it open in most cases, some case would required you to use screw drivers tools. If you don’t have alcohol, you can use just plain cotton swap or even tissue, do not use water, I think it will damage the circuitry or oxidized it.