Day trade with Ethereum ETH coin on Poloniex

I haven’t update my blog for a while. Mainly due to other priorities which are off course more important 🙂 although this is important, but it’s not as much as important as others such as family and career like work that bring in some money :).

I just want to share something I’ve been trying to do and did successfully. Day trade ETH between ETH and Bitcoin. Being ETH is the second volume mover according to Poloniex and probably as well. Dogecoin look like loosing momentum and volume, not as much as ETH. Litecoin is still #2 I believe after Bitcoin. However ETH price had passed Litecoin LTC already.

Day trade with high volume mover ETH on poloniex. Just like many other cryptocoins , just lick stock, buy low sell high, and off course you can also buy high and sell low if you think the stock or coin will go down in price. So I gave it a try.

For testing purpose, I will be using the % instead of the actual volume. I studied the graph in various ways. 4hours, 24 hours 30 days and so on. Study it, you will see the trend and it will help you make prediction. The most basic prediction I can make by looking at the graph is: on an average day, ETH will go up for a while and then go down for a while and then up again. Your job is to predict when will be the best time to jump in and buy and the chance that it will go up or down will make you money. I set my limit goal to gain only 2% a day.

I will jump in and set 2% profit and jump out. There were time where I have to wait for days for it to hit point. Again my goal is 2% gain per day, dont’ be greedy unless you see a chance of a life time then try again and set 2%. To be even safer maybe 1% gain. So let say you 10 BTC, 2% gain would be 0.2BTC, 1% would be 0.1BTC, that’s not a lot of money but very safe to play day trading.

Not ETH alone, but you can also try with other high volume movers such as Dogecoin or others that you see volume move is high.