What is going on with Bitcoin price sky rocketing toward end of 2015?

Well let keep it simple as that and not question eh? It’s going up, what else you want to ask? ah ok, why? simple answer, we don’t know! 🙂 other than the fact more buy than sell, hopefully people will continue to hold them not getting in and getting out to make a profit.

The best time to buy Bitcoin is now? yes, buy bitcoin anytime. Bitcoin in the future will only go up in value. Bitcoin volume is limited and in the past years, and going basis, people misplaced their bitcoin, server crashed, computer crashed, and those bitcoins are gone forever, it cannot be retrieved. However it’s getting better as people know to backup their wallet and commercial wallet are also available, also some Exchange are now becoming bank to keep your bitcoin safe, if you trust them :). Look like some of biggest and most trusted Bitcoin exchange are Coinbase, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, and BTC-e, depend on your regions. I wouldn’t trust any other Exchange to keep your Bitcoin. You could however uses other Exchange to convert your altcoins to Bitcoin then move it out into a more trusted Bitcoin Exchange.

The bottom line is, Bitcoin is still consider new, despite it’s been maybe 4-5 years. The best place to keep your Bitcoin wallet is a paper wallet or a offline wallet, or a wallet on a computer devices that is not hook up to the internet until you need to. So call cold wallet :). I’m pretty sure people now a day have a few old computers sitting around, maybe use one of those to keep Bitcoin wallet, and off course create a backup to a CD ROM or USB thumb-drive, I don’t recommend cloud storage to backup bitcoin though 🙂

In conclusion, I don’t know why Bitcoin go up, nor does anyone else. It could be $1 one day and $1000000000 the next day. Leave it as that. Until we have a stronger mainstream usage on Bitcoin, then we can probably do more accurate analysis on why, how, when Bitcoin go up and down.