Technology Credit Union Non sufficient fund charged mercy?

*** updated 12/30/2015 – Technology Credit Union refunded me the $28, with a warning email indicating that it’s the only time they will do it for me, any further charge will not be reversed 🙂


I’ve made a mistake of miscalculating the deposit of $1000 fund availability to my Bank. In this case, it’s Technology credit union, also known as TechCU. As a result I was charged with two $28 NSF fees. It was my mistake, I admitted. However it was just one day, well! mistake is a mistake doesn’t matter how long for that matter.

Anyhow, I’m just testing my bank mercy level. Will they have mercy for me? will they have courtesy enough to give me a break and reimburses me with the two $28? Absolutely would be nice to have $56 in the pocket back, I would be going out to treat my family a nice dinner, and would be able to say thank you TechCU 🙂 Will have to wait and see. Will update.

Greetings TechCU staff.

I’m wondering if I’m eligible for the two $28 NSF fees on 12/28 yesterday. I’ve made an honest mistake on calculating the deposit availability. I missed it by one day. Basically I made a deposit late last week of $1000 to TechCU and thought it would arrives on 12/28 yesterday to cover some of the payments on 12/28, but it didn’t make it on time and I’m being charged $28 twice for NSF. The $1000 is in the system today and I found out about the NSF fees.

I’m a long time customer and love banking with TechCU, I’m wondering if all possible I can get the two $28 reimbursed?

Wishing you all at TechCU staff a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks very much for your time and consideration.