Minerscenter.com is a new Bitcoin buying Scam?

I have come across many blog post talking about the press release by miners center (minerscenter.com) website indicating it’s a scam for buying 10% higher than what bitcoin merchant or exchange are buying/selling. Most of the blogs researched and tested the transaction said that it’s a scam. They tested with 0.2 Bitcoin, sent the 0.2 Bitcoin and got paid via paypal, but realized the paypal payment was from a hacked account.

I have been monitoring the Bitcoin news and over the past few days, Bitcoin news posted a a site name minerscenter.com offering 10% higher price buying Bitcoin. The news in regard to minerscenter.com was a press release article on the reason for offering 10% higer than current price of Bitcoin. It’s a Press Released article to make it more realistic steering away from being a noticeable scam.

A closer look at the website. The website is not professionally made and it’s pretty much similar to those pyramid scam scheme or so call high yield investment program, and a lot of blog that talks about Bitcoin indicated that minerscenter.com is the previous scam of btp flap operating the same way.

I have not tried either one, but I’ve been in bad situation with Paypal when and Bank Transfer with Bitcoin. Basically if I sell Bitcoin via Paypal, the buyer can say that they never received the item, and the buyer always win because Paypal don’t do business virtual item like Bitcoin, definitely a NO NO Bitcoin with paypal, the buyer will always get their money back no matter what proof you have paypal will always side with the buyer because you’re selling Bitcoin and Paypal do not allow selling of Bitcoin.

For Bank Transfer, some bank will not allow reversal of Bank Transfer, no matter what. Once someone transfer you the money via Bank Transfer, it’s a one way transfer. However now a day, many bank does look into special cases and they will reverse the bank transfer, such as scam activities. So don’t think that receive the money via bank transfer and it will not get reverse, it can, and it will.

I have experience with HYIP (high yield investment programs) and most of the time the scammer win. Some investors win, but to loose again on some other one.