Watch out for eBay buyer scam many sellers on getting free products

Recently I came across many forums indicated that eBay buyers are taking advantage of eBay buyer protections by returning items that are broken or wrong items when it’s not the original item shipped by the seller. Very sad to hear to this, because I’m also a eBay seller, and I had several bad experiences with eBay buyer taking advantage of the return policy where buyer return broken item or wrong one, just to get the right one for free.

Taking the latest report incident where a seller sold a item with serial #123 imprinted, but the buyer said received wrong item, not matching with picture. The buyer in this case is very clever having a PO BOX address to receive the item, so the buyer know it’s safe to scam any sellers because if the seller were to be upset and try to track down the address, would not be able to really know the real physical address. The ebay buyer is “pkc1005” having a PO BOX address female name, according to bad ebayer report.

In the past I’ve encountered similar situation and the buyer always win. So is there anything the seller can do? Unfortunately not really since eBay always side with the buyer. The only thing the seller can do is to report it to eBay, report a Buyer option, but chances are eBay will never look at your report until it hit the threshold of certain #, the logic might be as simple as if the buyer have 10 reviews, and 2 of those reviews are bad, or 2 reported bad eBay buyer then Ebay will step in and will review all the note. However chances are eBay will never review report a buyer until it reached those threshold, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t report, you need to report so that it will hit that threshold for ebay to step in and review and take appropriate action.

Not just the eBay buyer scam the seller, but sometime the seller also scam the eBay buyer, but for the purpose of this blog entry, I’m only focusing on the eBay Buyer.