Bitcoin price has been good lately let’s hope it will maintain the momentum

I haven’t blog for a day or two, been busy with work. However I did keep a close look at Bitcoin price or value. It has been in the positive position.

I also checked the news and the latest is that Europe Bitcoin will not impose VAT for Bitcoin transaction, I think that’s good news. At least a positive for Bitcoin in Europe.

One thing to keep in mind about Bitcoin is that SCAM are popping up all over the web. Never fall for anything too good to be true. Bitcoin SCAM has been very clever lately. SCAM that are too real to be a scam, but it is. One good way to check is do a google search or check on bitcointalk or reddit, and some other well reputable blog in regard to Bitcoin. Do not read news that have little knowledge about Bitcoin, all they do is post Press Release and so on, but without doing any thorough research.