Verizon Fios Residential TV free On Demand Movies this week end October 16th to 19th

Just in case anyone have Verizon Fios TV, they’re giving away free On Demand Movies TV shows and more, including some of the premium channels will be made available to watch all day long starting tomorrow Friday October 16th to Sunday October 19th 11:59PM 🙂

Verizon Fios internet is awesome, I’m pretty sure their TV services also. I do have it, the only thing is I have pay for the Set Top Box monthly rental and only support one TV, so if you have more than one TV, you may need to rent more than one set top box. Once in a while, for some channels, there’s a quick glitch or somekind of distortion both the audio and videos, it’s like a CD skipping when hitting a bump on the road.

I’ve took advantage of this before, and what really work for me was those premium channels. As for the on demand, not too many free movies selections, hopefully it’s different this time. Will see.