Swagbucks android phones users cannot connect to any of Swagbucks Apps

*** updated 10/15/2015 – swagbucks aware of the issue, it’s due to apps versions on android, Swagbucks provided solution http://blog.swagbucks.com/2015/10/were-working-on-it.html

There has been reports of many users not able to connect to Swagbucks network servers to run their Swagbucks apps such as SBTV Entertainment and so on. The Swagbucks connectivity issues has been going on for the last two weeks, it’s not just recently, and up til now many users still not able to connect.

According to reddit swagbucks community users still reporting not able to connect. Users had tried the following.

  • Swagbucks Android Apps users.
    • Go to Manage Apps and Force App to stop, then clear Cache, then clear Data, then re-login
    • Uninstall the App then reinstall the App.
    • Reboot Wifi Router.
    • The last thing many people shouldn’t be doing is to renew the IP address by doing dns flush or something to their router. This wouldn’t work anyways for those that have static IP.

There isn’t much the users can do after the above. User can try to contact Swagbucks support, posting on facebook will probably get your post deleted or not going through anyways.

So what really happened to Swagbucks? Some people said that in the past, Swagbucks did this because of the volume of users were beyond capacity server can handle. It fixes itself once people started to drop off Swagbucks, meaning the many users loss faith and never go back, making room for those that had the patient stayed behind to try again later.