Bitcoin BTC price continue to rise this whole week

Well, it’s Friday, TGIF, thanks god it’s Friday, isn’t it? The good news with Bitcoin all this week is the price continue to stay in the positive position nearly reached $260 average. Who knows what’s going to be next week.

I checked the news on Bitcoin, and I searched most everywhere for any news on why Bitcoin price is moving up positive position, but there isn’t any answer, just like it fall and rise dramatically, there isn’t any real answer, just plain common sense saying because people are buying it more than selling.

In fact, the news I came across in regard to Bitcoin news are not good news. We have news about Bitcoin start up stop operating or closed down or will shut down. News about Bitcoin startup steered different direction instead of Bitcoin directly, they’re taking advantage of the Blockchain instead.

One thing that concern me is about the Multibit wallet that I have, appears to have newer version that I need to upgrade. I had it upgraded before and appear to be easy. I have some Bitcoin in that wallet with signature key and very strong password, in addition to having the whole hard drive  encrypted. To better protect my BTC in addition to those above, I think I need to also take it offline from the internet or even internal network, so call Cold Wallet. I don’t have much, but I think it’s good practice 🙂 who knows maybe one day Bitcoin 1BTC will worth $1000 again 🙂 I’m optimistic.