My family van car got robbed and trashed inside the van

Well it wasn’t too bad, but the last time this occurred was about 5 to 6 years ago to my wife’s brother car parked on the street. This is a new home development area, and I’ve been here about 6 years and this is the second time I’ve encountered this incident, this time directly with my family car van.

I woke up this morning, open the garage, went into the van to start the car and immediately I noticed paper work and car manual were scattered everywhere in the van, even in the back seats. Then I noticed the GPS and Dashcam were missing. Then I realized I’ve been robbed. Luckily the dashcam camera is cheap china made and probably doesn’t work anymore, so I price it at $5 because I bought it at $15. The GPS was an old Magellan, bought refurbished for $50 and since it hasn’t been working well, I price it at $20 or lower since the suction cup is broken as well. Overall loss of $35, not too bad.

I should have done better to protect my belonging. Lately I’ve been protecting the family inside the house by doing multiple check each night ensure all doors and windows are locked. However outside the house, I didn’t pay much attention, and never really locked my van because there isn’t anything valuable in it.

Look like I will be spending time to step it up a notch! I will be installing 3 automatic light timer to operate from dust to dawn. I could have use the automatic day light sensor but I don’t think that will last long or work well, since I’ve read review on that and used it before. Digital timer switch doesn’t have much good feedback either. The only alternative is to get mechanical timer switch.

In addition to these, I will be installing at least one night time camera to record when motion is detected, need to be a good camera not cheap, otherwise it’s useless, buy cheap one for so if that’s the case.